sábado, outubro 18, 2008

"Que floresçam mil flores" (22)

Autor desconhecido (1967)
Fully criticize the Chinese Khrushchev from a political, ideological and theoretical perspectivePublisher: Shanghai People's Publishing House(Offset, 53x76 cm., inv.nr. BG E3/763)
"The 'Chinese Khrushchev', who is being wiped out at the bottom left, is Liu Shaoqi. Together with Deng Xiaoping he introduces some privatizations in agriculture. Mao wages a severe campaign against them. Eventually, Liu and Deng are thrown out of the party and arrested. Liu dies soon afterwards, being denied medical aid in confinement; Deng will return to high functions in 1973. The agressive group in the poster consists of a female Red Guard, a worker with brush and Mao's collected writings, a farmer and a soldier. "

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