domingo, outubro 30, 2011

London Public Houses (4)

The Lamb and the Flag
33 Rose Street, Covent Garden, Westminster, London WC2E 9EB

Tel :020 7497 9504

"Rose Street joins both Garrick Street and Floral Street, here you'll find the Lamb & Flag, a small wooden fronted pub. First licensed in 1623, it's the oldest in Covent Garden, and possibly one of the oldest in London, if claims of a Tudor past are true. Like many an old London building, it has had to grow to meet the demand of an exploding population.

The brick front and upper floors are 19th century but its core is from the late 17th century. The downstairs rooms are delightfully simple, with a well worn, olde-worlde charm, created by the low beams, wood panelling and bare pine floorboards. The back bar area has a fireplace and plain wooden settles. The Lamb fills up in the evenings with office and shop workers and can get a bit too busy. In the summer, drinkers spill out into the courtyard."

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