domingo, dezembro 03, 2006

When I Look at the Pictures - Lawrence Ferlinghetti (10)


Ah the so-bright future
in Boccioni’s “Morning”
the so-fresh meadows quivering
in the still early light
the Naples Yellow sun
very pale upon
draught horses drawing wagons
on wide rutted roads
bright figures hurrying
to newborn factories
a high church tower in the far distance
full of rising sun
and a field full of light close up
with yellowed grasses
through which a women in white
with bundle under arm
hurries toward some
offstage affair
Ah but the Futurists were wrong
in this so-bright picture of a future world
bathed in industrial glory
And Boccioni saw it too
in his later “Twilight”
of the same sweeping scene
in which the old day heaves a tired sigh
as bent figures limp for home
on dark roads narrowing
to a red horizon
And dumb darkness descends
upon a single stark figure waving farewell
to the trembling future of the world
Poema de Lawrence Ferlinghetti para "The Morning" de Umberto Boccioni (Colecção Privada)

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